The Pros and Cons of a Low Fat Diet

In the last sixty years we were highly recommended and almost forced to eat a low-fat diet as well as to skip saturated fat, to prevent cholesterol. That’s why in recent years, you’ll notice the results of this low – fat diet phenomena. I’m sure you have done lots of grocery shopping and have probably seen these kinds of labels on the products:


Low-fat yogurt

Low-fat butter

Low-fat cheese

Skim milk

Low-fat sour cream

Local cage free eggs (search for “local cage free eggs austin” if you aren’t sure if your store carries them”


Where did this fashionable diet bug originate? Ask yourself, do we have to change the right dairy products – butter, heavy cream, eggs and meats and replace it for its low-fat version? What’s the point?


The panic against high-fat products was generated in the 60’s, and 70’s. People were encouraged to get rid of butter and replaced it with margarine or cottonseed oil instead.

In the 50’s there was a study written by Ancel Keys that revealed the falsity or flawed facts of the low-fat diet ideology. The author also explained that this crazy phenomenon was somehow a publicity stunt by companies for them to sell their low-fat dairy products. You should also know that no medical research or any study had proven the low-fat diet idea.


The information below published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, and American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition confirmed that there’s no point in consuming low-fat diet products, check out the following info:


– We can’t reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease even if we consume low-fat products.


– Drinking more milk and dairy products does not increase the possibility of stroke or coronary heart disease, or at least can’t be associated with it.


– These studies also show that better cardiovascular health was associated with higher consuming of full-fat butter, cheese, yogurt, milk.


– Also, we can find among the positive results of full-fat dairies that drinking them helps to achieve better health behaviors. For example, to be a nonsmoker, and tend to have a normal body index.


So what should we eat instead? Until now, people are still consuming margarine, or low-fat products without knowing why.


It is now time for us to sweep out these scandalous false facts from our mind, and eat much healthier foods such as whole milk dairy products (raw if we can do it), butter (grass-fed is the best), coconut milk and oil, extra virgin olive oil (but not for cooking, for salads for example), and red palm oil.


Make sure that before you follow a crazy diet plan, it is backed – up with scientific research or evidence. You have to know the reason why, as well as the benefits – the pros and cons because it can affect your well-being and that of your family as well.


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