5 Tips To Grow Your Business In 2018

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The unpredictability in today’s market could sometimes demand a change in marketing strategies. For startups, this may seem difficult considering the weight of these forces. However, companies like F&F Carpet are setting an example to other businesses in terms of strategies. Started in 1964, the company saw growth by incorporating a strategy they believe would work for the business.

Here a few marketing tips that should be considered to make your business grow in 2018.


  1. Opt For The Most Effective

From a digital marketing perspective, there are a lot of available strategies for every digital marketer to choose from. This may be good, especially for those who are still quite unsure of the type of tactics they want to use. The downside is that the more options are laid in front of them, the less likely they see what really works. It may be too confusing and overwhelming to have too many choices, you’d be spreading yourself thin wasting time.


In some businesses, the primary source of growth in their marketing comes from a single up to multiple tactics. Among these is the content marketing. To get your business published in leading news outlets like Forbes can ultimately bring higher revenue. In fact, as content marketing broadens and deepens, the returns will only get higher and higher.


  1. Work Out the Sales Process

As your business grows, there will be additional workloads and more time will be needed, especially in the marketing aspect. So how do you deal with it? I suggest that you get organized. Plan out the sales process. For example, the target audience is the biggest consideration. The planning directs the time the customers take everything about the business, to how they will engage in the different marketing mediums until they are convinced. This allows the company to include automation into their marketing. Just imagine the benefits of automating all the steps from writing the content to making the sales calls.


  1. Determine the Scope of Your Marketing Strategy

Having the right scope of the digital marketing strategy will let you have a better perspective on the things that affect the success of each strategy. Remember, the more organized and coordinated your marketing strategy becomes, the more chances of getting a successful outcome.

A great example of this is Capture The Magic podcast as they know their marketing strategy revolves around infomring people about Walt Disney World rumors and they setup a fantastic stystem to get people into their show and love their brand which also talks about how find the best backpack for Disney, which they also happen to sell. It’s a great strategy that any business could use in their marketing stretegy.


  1. Consider Adding New Services

These are the little add-ons that you can offer to provide more services to your customer while also generating more sales. This is how customer feedback work. Knowing what they are willing to purchase means they want it. If I were you, I’d grab that chance. Fulfilling a customer’s need means more sales revenue.


  1. Never Forget Your Internal Operations

Not everything depends on sales and marketing. The way you manage your business is also a factor in growing your business and sales. Internal operations are the things that happen after the selling process. It is important that you keep it always monitored and well-maintained in order to have efficient internal operations. Carefully run operations will make way for a sustainable model for growth while the process demands less time, effort and failure.

Podcasts Are Taking Over The World

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Podcasts have gained popularity as more and more millennials tune in to them instead of actually visiting blog sites to learn about new things. Personally, I don’t really listen to a lot of podcasts, but because they are easily accessible, I tend to come across them on other social media sites, such as Facebook.

Podcasts are gaining popularity because of the format. It can be accessed by anyone as long as there is an internet connection. It is very convenient to play, especially when commuting or driving to work. I like podcasts a lot more than reading blogs if I am on the move. Blogs require my undivided attention and I can’t really do that when I’m traveling or when I’m going to work.

Another reason why many are listening in on podcasts is the younger generation’s dependence on their gadgets. Everyone is on their phones nowadays and it makes it easier to listen to podcasts rather than going on a computer or a laptop to do so. There are so many podcasts about all kinds of topics and it can be fun to listen in on topics that I might not know much about.

One of the podcasts that have been gaining lots of listeners is Disney podcasts. If Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth, why not bring that happiness outside of the theme park? There are many Disney podcasts that you should be listening to and some of them are Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Pod, Disney Magic Hour, The WDW Radio Show and so many more. These are some of the most visited Disney podcasts you should be listening to.

Just like any product or service, podcasts are there to be consumed by customers. The great thing about listening to podcasts is that it is easier to actually listen to the mobile phone than actually being in front of a screen and reading lots and lots of flowery words from blog sites. This can also be proven by claims from researchers that millennials have a shorter attention span, thus making them dislike reading long blog posts. By streaming or rewatching podcasts, customers are able to keep updated with current events.

Going on a road trip to visit Disney World can be pretty boring on the road, which makes it a great time to listen to Disney podcasts from the aforementioned podcasts. Instead of thinking about what the best backpack to bring to Disney World would be, tuning in on the right podcast can possibly make the long and exhausting trip to see festivals and conventions worth it.

Among the Disney podcasts that many people listen to is the DWD radio program. From interviews to planning vacations, this podcast is popular to those who are planning to visit Disney World. These podcasts are only focused on Disney. One can only imagine how popular other types of podcasts are in the real world where everyone is on their mobile phones. It’s no wonder that podcasts are very popular now.

Customers want to get to know your business, and they can learn a lot about it through strategic branding. The logo and design elements should reflect your company’s spirit. The intent of branding is to create an affinity for your products and services without reference to how your business stacks up against the competition. What you want is to demonstrate to the client that you are the only answer to their need.

Your customers and prospects have certain wants and needs, and in order to be successful in strategic branding your company, you’ll need to understand exactly what they are. Every time your company makes contact with the public, you have the opportunity to advance your brand strategies. Remember that your brand lives in the minds and hearts of your current and future customers. Even though you cannot change all of their experiences and perceptions, you could change some of them.

Your brand is the unique public identity that makes your business stand out from its competitors. For instance, if you’re a bamboo underwear company then your identity would be much different from an electronics company, real estate group and others. Analysis of your best services and consideration of your target demographic should help develop your strategic branding strategy. Your word choice and graphics should reflect your business, which strengthens your brand. You should make use of your branding to deliver a clear message to clients.

Strong strategic branding is essential if you want to earn the trust of your niche market. A strong brand will likely be seen in all of your promotional materials and present you with a much better response rate. Customers who are familiar with and devoted to your brand will always take the time to review your messages or check out your latest products, because they know these activities are a good use of their time.

If you’re honest and sincere about the whole process, your strategic branding will probably be successful. Make sure your actions reflect the values you portray in your business marketing campaigns. Always ensure your actions are consistent with your proclaimed business culture.

Your image ought not require a ton of cash being spent simply to develop it. However, it will eventually be difficult to avoid at least some expenses. One purchase worth getting is a high-quality camera that you could create videos with, mini-movies that broadcast your brand’s message and can be uploaded to your website. If you have a business on a busy road, putting out a few hundred dollars to get a neon sign will be worthwhile to increase your visibility.

A solid brand is priceless as the fight for clients escalates step by step. You have to spend sufficient time investing in studying, defining and developing your brand. Your brand is a method in which you make a commitment to your consumer or customer. Strategic branding is a component of your marketing communication that’s fundamental to your strategy.


The Pros and Cons of a Low Fat Diet

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In the last sixty years we were highly recommended and almost forced to eat a low-fat diet as well as to skip saturated fat, to prevent cholesterol. That’s why in recent years, you’ll notice the results of this low – fat diet phenomena. I’m sure you have done lots of grocery shopping and have probably seen these kinds of labels on the products:


Low-fat yogurt

Low-fat butter

Low-fat cheese

Skim milk

Low-fat sour cream

Local cage free eggs (search for “local cage free eggs austin” if you aren’t sure if your store carries them”


Where did this fashionable diet bug originate? Ask yourself, do we have to change the right dairy products – butter, heavy cream, eggs and meats and replace it for its low-fat version? What’s the point?


The panic against high-fat products was generated in the 60’s, and 70’s. People were encouraged to get rid of butter and replaced it with margarine or cottonseed oil instead.

In the 50’s there was a study written by Ancel Keys that revealed the falsity or flawed facts of the low-fat diet ideology. The author also explained that this crazy phenomenon was somehow a publicity stunt by companies for them to sell their low-fat dairy products. You should also know that no medical research or any study had proven the low-fat diet idea.


The information below published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, and American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition confirmed that there’s no point in consuming low-fat diet products, check out the following info:


– We can’t reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease even if we consume low-fat products.


– Drinking more milk and dairy products does not increase the possibility of stroke or coronary heart disease, or at least can’t be associated with it.


– These studies also show that better cardiovascular health was associated with higher consuming of full-fat butter, cheese, yogurt, milk.


– Also, we can find among the positive results of full-fat dairies that drinking them helps to achieve better health behaviors. For example, to be a nonsmoker, and tend to have a normal body index.


So what should we eat instead? Until now, people are still consuming margarine, or low-fat products without knowing why.


It is now time for us to sweep out these scandalous false facts from our mind, and eat much healthier foods such as whole milk dairy products (raw if we can do it), butter (grass-fed is the best), coconut milk and oil, extra virgin olive oil (but not for cooking, for salads for example), and red palm oil.


Make sure that before you follow a crazy diet plan, it is backed – up with scientific research or evidence. You have to know the reason why, as well as the benefits – the pros and cons because it can affect your well-being and that of your family as well.


Supplements Place in Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

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A lot of people take vitamin supplements on a daily basis. Some people take high doses of supplements. The basic question that people ask is whether or not these supplements contribute to a healthy lifestyle. This is a complex question, and is about as easy to answer as finding out piano moving costs. Let’s look at some health facts.

Lack of vitamins in a diet

The Harvard Health Publications had published that the diet of an average American requires a lot of nutrients. Studies indicate that our diet misses many important vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and Vitamin A, C, and D. As a result, some people opt for vitamin supplements and include them in their diet. However, it has also been observed that many people use supplements only to boost their health.

Be vigilant when taking supplements

Studies have found that if you are missing some important minerals and vitamins in your diet, then you should consult a doctor and take their advice.  Supplements can be good for the health if you take them as recommended by the doctor.

On the other hand, studies have also found that self-prescribing supplements and intake of supplements excessive than the recommended dose are harmful to the health.

Exaggeration about supplements

A lot of articles and news encourage the use of supplements to improve our health. For instance, some claim that vitamin D cures several diseases such as cancer, depression, diabetes, and the common cold. Similarly, omega-3-fatty acids have been said to be helpful to keep stroke and heart diseases at bay. Antioxidants such as vitamin C and E are said to aid in weight loss and helpful in fighting against heart diseases.

The reality about exaggerated supplements

More often than not, the claimed significance of supplements does not match findings from clinical tests. For instance, vitamin E was termed as good to eliminate the heart diseases; however, later studies found that excessive intake of vitamin E is bad for the blood.

Truth about Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters, also known as T-boosters, are supplements used by bodybuilders to fuel muscle growth and to lose fat. 2017’s top-rated testosterone boosters nootropics review suggests that T-boosters can be used but in moderation.

If you are a bodybuilder and you need to build muscle mass by using T-boosters, you must consult your physician first. Get recommendation from the physician before taking any supplements. Nonetheless, you must not exceed the dose that is recommended. It has been observed that people can become frantic to build their muscles so they use the T-boosters excessively.

Take home message

Just like razor companies are going to tout the best selling safety razors or watch companies are going to tout the top rated Akribos watches, supplements are always going to be promoted beyond what they really are but they can still help. The primary way to lead a healthy lifestyle is to eat healthy foods. Include healthy foods such as vegetables, meat, fish, milk, and many others into your diet to get the important minerals and vitamins from the foods, not from supplements.

However, if you feel any deficiency of any mineral or vitamin, then you should consult a doctor to know if you need a supplement. All in all, supplements can be helpful for a healthy lifestyle if you take them in healthy doses and as recommended by a doctor.


Going where some rivals and fast-food chains have already gone, one of the nation’s largest poultry producers, Tyson Foods, announced Monday that it will go antibiotic free by the end of the year.

In making its move, Tyson Foods joins competitors like Perdue and Pilgrim’s Pride. Also, it mirrors some major fast food and quick service restaurant chains. KFC announced last month it will rid of its chicken of antibiotics by the end of 2018. Also going without antibiotics are McDonald’s, Burger King, Panera, Chipotle, Taco Bell and Wendy’s.

Tyson said its antibiotic-free pledge will apply to poultry it sells in supermarkets under it own Tyson label. For Tyson and the others, the move is being driven by consumer demand for food free of anything deemed unnatural, whether it’s antibiotics, preservatives or something else. Consumer Reports magazine found in a 2015 survey that one of four shoppers were buying meat and poultry without antibiotics more often than they had in the prior year.

I’m very happy to feature a guest post on using livestock guardian dogs to protect poultry. This is perhaps the most challenging task we ask of these dogs, since poultry are not their traditional stock.

I’m so pleased that Anna Abney offered to share this useful information with Mother Earth readers. Anna Abney is the founder of the popular Facebook group Learning About LGDs and a professional dog trainer in upstate South Carolina. She also raises laying chickens, meat ducks, meat rabbits, and pack goats as well as working Central Asian Shepherd Dogs.

Livestock Guardian Dogs and Poultry

Many modern homesteaders and farmers are turning to livestock guardian dogs to protect their chickens and ducks and other barnyard fowl. Poultry are particularly vulnerable to predators, which often limits the poultry farmer’s ability to free range her flock. A well-trained, reliable LGD can prevent losses from predators and allow the poultry farmer to achieve a more natural, healthy lifestyle for her birds. However, poultry are not traditional livestock for LGDs to protect so using them with birds presents special challenges. Not every LGD will turn out to be a trustworthy poultry guardian even with the best training and genetics but there are a few things you can do to maximize your chances for success.

The first step with any working LGD is to purchase a dog from a reliable breeder with good references who can prove the working heritage of her dogs.

Tips on Raising Poultry at Home

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Some might say that chickens are the new cats – keeping backyard poultry as pets is on the rise for a variety reasons.

“Whether it’s fresh eggs, or whether it’s to raise a flock of meat for the freezer, it’s just been going up and up and up and up.”

Scott DeMoranville and his family run 4Ds farm in Bradford.

They hatch about 4,000 chicks to sell every year.

He fields questions from other folks trying their hand at raising poultry – like what do chickens need in the winter?

“Chickens don’t require heat, they require some planning and good keeping on the owners part.”

That means a house to protect birds from the wind – and one with good ventilation.

DeMoranville advises against heat lamps – because they can start fires…and also against insulation, because that creates moisture, which in turn, will give the birds frostbite.

“I’ve done my share of reading and studying and I’ve learned from experience through the years and I’m happy to share what has worked for us.”

A big tip from DeMoranville is bio-security – he says it’s important humans keep clean when tending to the flock.

“We have shoes or boots and clothes that we wear on the farm for doing our chores when we’re going to be in the pen and that’s where they stay, they stay on our farm.”

He also says something as simple as washing your hands will help the chickens stay healthy.

“Anything short of putting our chickens in a glass dome is not going to guarantee they’re health but anything that we do. It’s really simple and it really makes a big difference in minimizing disease and things like that getting into the backyard poultry flocks.”

A program that connects kids with the joys of raising chickens is hosting an essay contest.

It’s open to boys and girls under 12.

The winner will be given a new coop, six young birds, a hen yard, a feeder, a water fountain, and a bag of feed a month.

Kids who want to enter should write an essay no longer than two hundred words, in their own handwriting, that explains why they think keeping chickens would benefit their family.

Drought takes toll on poultry sector

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Summer is not a great season for the poultry industry. Oppressive heat, increase in feed costs and depleting groundwater levels tell on production.

This year’s drought in the southern States and transport strike have only added to the problems, resulting in a 20-25 per cent price drop.

The overall cost of production has gone up by 10 per cent, making it difficult to maintain healthy profit margins.

“The drought is manifested in depletion of ground water. The bore wells are slowly drying up. As the summer progresses, it will be tough arranging water for the farms,” Dr Ranjit Reddy, President of the Telangana Poultry Breeders’ Association President, told BusinessLine..

The strike by transporters is only adding to the woes. Poultry farms are finding it difficult to get feed, and send their eggs and broilers to the market, because of the transport strike. “For now, they are managing with the stocks in the farms nearby. If the strike lasts a few more days, it will be very tough for the farms,” said Reddy.

The State produces 3 crore eggs a day and 4 crore kg of chicken a month. “We see a drop of 10 per cent in production in layers at the end of March. The mortality rate of birds, which is generally at 2 per cent, has gone up to 10 per cent,” he said.

The farm gate prices of eggs have to ₹2.65 from ₹3.25 a month ago, and that of broiler chicken to ₹65 a kg from ₹85-88.

Subba Raju, who is a leader of the National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC), said the farms are witnessing a loss of ₹5-7 a bird a month due to the increase in production costs.

Parallel situation

The situation is no different in Karnataka. The rise in temperature and water scarcity created by deficit rains over successive years have added to the woes of poultry farmers in the State, who are already battling rising production costs amid lower prices.

“The abnormal temperatures this year, which are higher by at least one degree over the normal, have resulted in higher mortality of the birds. As a result, the output could be lower by 5-6 per cent in Karnataka,” said Ashok Kumar KS, President of the Karnataka Poultry Farmers and Breeders Association.

“The mortality of birds has risen to 15-20 per cent in parts of Karnataka bordering Maharashtra. We expect the mortality to go up in other parts of the State as temperatures are seen rising further,” he added.

Ashok Kumar further said the water shortage on account of depleting ground water table across the State has forced poultry players to reduce the numbers of birds placed. The erratic power supply has also impacted operations, resulting in higher production costs.

With the drought affecting the quality and quantity of maize crop in Karnataka, poultry players will now have to depend on arrivals from Bihar till the next crop comes up in the State. “This would mean higher production costs for us in the days ahead,” he added.

Besides the climatic vagaries, poultry players also face the threat of bird flu. “Bird flu is like a hanging sword on us,” Ashok Kumar said.